Our BJJ Environment

A large factor in the success of ECBJJ/ECFITNESS is our environment.  We create a fun and family friendly atmosphere.  On day one you may feel like a stranger in a new place but you will soon realize everyone is there to help you.

In no time you will be part of an amazing group of people.  

Head Instructor

Heath Chapman is a Black Belt under Robson Moura.  Robson Moura is an 8 time world champion and is in the BJJ hall of fame.  Before Heath was promoted to Black Belt he was evaluated by Robson Moura and several other RMNU Black Belts.  Heath also hold a Black Belt in Judo.   

Bjj Adult Schedule -- Use Download at the bottom for Kids

M-W  --7:30-9:00pm (GI class all ranks)

M-W-F  10-11 am (GI, all ranks)

Tues  --7:00-8:30pm (GI class all ranks)

Thur  -- 7:00-8:00pm (Ladies Only)

Thur --  8pm-9:00pm (Open Mat)

F       --7:00-8:00pm (GI class all ranks)

Sat  -- 10am-11am (Ladies Only)

Sat   -- 11am -- 1pm (Open Mat all ranks)

Sun  --  Open Mat (join FB group for time)   

Free Pass

Please use this for BJJ or the 24hr fitness center.  Its good for one free visit.  Please remember when you come to register as a guest on the ipad on the wall.  

Free Pass

Holiday and Bad Weather Schedule

We follow the same schedule that Pitt Co Schools use for Holidays and bad weather.

If School is cancelled for bad weather we will be closed also.  Always check FB for up to date posts. 

Open Mat and Visitors

Our open mat is for ECBJJ members only with the exception of other RMNU affiliates. Visitors are limited to RMNU affiliates.  If you are in doubt please contact us.  

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What type of Physical Condition is required for BJJ

All physical levels are OK to try.  Go at your own pace.  If you need a break stop and rest.  We understand that everyone's physical conditioning and ability is different. For new individuals who are just trying this sport out -- you are not competing against anyone in practice, once again go at a pace that is right for you.   

30 Day Trail Period

We offer a 30 day trail period for all BJJ plans and Gym Memberships.  We do not offer this with personal training.  With in the first 30 days after signing our agreement  if you are not happy and wish to cancel we simply terminate the agreement you signed.  

New Members

We operate on limited staffed hours.  If you are interested in BJJ or our 24hr fitness center please stop by on a Mon or Wed Between 330pm -630pm

If this does not fit your schedule please set up and appointment 252*493*6630.  The appointment is very informal, its mainly so you can check out our facility and ask any questions.   You can also use the "Buttons" on the home page to set up an apportionment based on your interest.  If you stop by our Facility please use the ipad on the wall to register as a guest.    

Instructor Info


Please use the  link below to start the application process.  

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If you become a member you will read and sign our policy/agreement document.  This agreement will state everything from agreement term length to payment date etc. This document will serve as a way to solve any situation that may come up such as cancellation, late payment, moving etc. Please read and understand the policy/agreement .